Welcome to BMS Technologies

BMS Technologies is a premiere full-service outbound telemarketing solution for the Direct Response
Industry. Located in the heart of South Florida, we have more than four-hundred agents world-wide ready to help take your campaign's backend to the next level.

Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars daily marketing to potential clients on TV, Radio and in
Magazines, but what happens once the customer has been sold, or even worse, lost at the front end?
We can put together an outbound program that will allow you to maximize your campaigns full potential.

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Innovative Aproach

Every client's backend campaign needs are unique. At BMS, our experienced client services department with build a fully customized outbound marketing solution that fits your campaign.

Breakthrough Results
Give us a week, and we will show you amazing results

One Complete Solution
We provide 24/7 access to your data and campaign results

Specialized Agents
Our agents specialize in many different direct marketing areas

Revenue Maximization
We will Maximize the value of every potential customer